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Monday, November 29, 2010

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If you have been doubting the ability of a logo to influence behavior, a recent scientific study may convince you. Researchers have found that a logo seen for just a few milliseconds can affect the way you and your consumers act and the type of financial decisions that you make. This study looked at the effect of a group of logos that are nearly ubiquitous in the United States: fast food logos.

You would expect a fast food logo to present speed, but they have a subtle effect on the customer’s mind as well. Fast food logos and other symbols actually increase how quickly customers act, including how fast they read. You don’t even have to see the logo design to be affected; the study found that merely thinking about fast food logos increases how quickly you react. More important, they increase the consumer’s preference for time saving products and cause them to choose immediate rewards over long term ones.

How did researchers make this determination? They asked students to stare at a computer screen and ignore a series of images flashing at the side. In some cases, these flashing images included the logos of popular fast food joints. The flashes were too fast for students to discern the images, and none of them consciously recalled what the images represented. The researchers then tested the students’ reading speed. Those who saw the fast food images were measurably faster.

In another trial, the students were subjected to the same series of flashing images and then asked to choose between two different products. Students who saw fast food images were more likely to choose products offering time efficient goods than ones offering higher quality or delayed gratification. If students first were asked to think about the last time they visited a fast food restaurant, they were even more likely to choose the immediate gratification.

There are two implications to this study. First, logos have a larger effect than even a graphic designer might have guessed. While a professional logo design is created with the aim of influencing customer preferences and behavior, few people would expect them to have this far reaching of an effect. Obviously it is more important to have a professional logo design than we ever could have thought, because a well designed logo will have subconscious effects that are difficult to measure but nonetheless quite powerful.

Second, fast food affects our culture more than we ever could have thought. If just viewing a logo out of the corner of your eye for a mere few seconds can cause you to make less financially sound decisions, how are we affected by seeing them almost constantly on every street corner and the commercials that fill our radio, television, and magazines? How do these images in combination with each other affect our behavior and our culture? Hopefully this study will encourage other behavioral scientists to examine how our commercial culture is affecting our behavior and how people can be encouraged to make good decisions in the midst of it.

Graphic Design – The art and effective branding

You might not think much of your company logo, but you should know that this increase is a good way to start your image. If you want to achieve a particular market segment, then you need a specialist consultant in the design mode. They will create good many years of experience in the field of graphic design, creating an image for your company that is visually stimulating to see so easily. In a short time you will be marked with the logo, and customers will be certainly interested in your company.

Works of high quality is also a desirable concept for those interested in the identity of the company. View the profile of a company must be a reasonable reflection of the company, which have risen in the promotion and advertising. With ad-design company professionals, you get a professional corporate image. If you are interested in corporate identity, then you should also in logo design, logo design and business documents look with funding. This could include, without limitation, business cards, presentation folders and posters. All are to be more active in your brand and attract the eyes of the public.

If you use the services of specialists in graphic design agency, you should also consider the design of the logo. It is truly the signature of your company are often displayed on business cards and other promotional materials. If it’s not catchy, it is not sticking and the name of your company will soon be forgotten. Many thanks to the experts in the development of the logo, you have a logo that clearly represents your company, one that’s tailored to you. Potential customers will definitely remember your name after you have created your new logo.

If you decided to ArtVersion with the design firm in Chicago, a graph based work have, then you should not expect results as well. This company has the best people working for the message the right audience. They know how to reach consumers, and most importantly, they can adapt to different preferences. Services include web development, a wide range of specific topics such as web design, e-commerce and content management systems

You can choose from solutions of these experts to optimize your business processes benefit proposed successfully. If you want the right online presence, remember There is no better source, you can rotate, constantly working with graphics professionals and specialists working to present the brand concept. It can be a lot of work and effort, but in the end you will see, after all it was worth.

Graphic Design/Branding Design PARTNER Position (Midtown)

Cutting-edge designer/graphics artist sought for design and production of final PRINT graphics and branding (logos.)

You will be working with a very cool (but small) ad agency. Dilbert-like management techniques aren’t part of our world (we are about as real as it gets), so if you are looking for a traditional corporate environment then this isn’t a good match. If, however, you are looking to be part of a very hip little agency, then let’s talk!

Here’s what we need you to do:

* Exceptional proficiency with Illustrator & Photoshop

* Some understanding of the constraints involved in producing graphics for prepress

* Experience creating client-appropriate, clean, cutting edge designs for client projects

* Strong ability to manage, archive, organize work according to tight timetables and turnaround requirements

* Motivated self-starter with relentless follow-through to completion of each project

* Able to impart knowledge/train others

* Strong inter-personal and communication skills

* Insatiable curiosity and passion for graphic design industry and the evolution of branding

In short- you will prove that you will be able to understand the entire creative process from the conceptual stage through initial design and final creation.

Here’s a slice of what we are looking for:

* A business partner that wants a piece of the action- not just another job with the ‘man’.

* Availability to interview and start work on short notice

* Ability and willingness to work long, flexible hours as needed to get the job done

* Cool attitude- not one to follow mass thinking. Comfortable outside of the box.

* Comfort in a fast-paced, very informal, high-energy start-up environment, managing jobs from start to finish

* Solid design portfolio

The low-down on your daily duties and expectations:

* You can design an elegant brand or print piece from start to finish; concept to implementation. In this role, you must also be able to analyze existing client work, and improve upon them by creating exciting new creative elements.

* Your ability to multi-task is crucial, as you will be handling several projects at the same time. If you like the challenge of producing clean innovative designs and seeing them through to the production environment – this position is for you!

* You have to be a self-motivated designer with a strong record of success who has the ability to think creatively, brainstorm regularly, meet deadlines and work alone and within a team.

Volume: Writings on Graphic Design, Music, Art, and Culture

This new publication presents 29 new and classic (remixed and remastered) text tracks—the majority of which first appeared in Emigre—covering critical essays, speculations, polemics, memoirs, ficciones, and more about and around the subtitled topics. The articles address subjects such as: the roles of class in design, design education, Lester Bangs and Creem magazine, pornography, album cover art, independent record labels, anonymity and imaginary creative identities, and design as cultural chaos-maker. In addition to an extensive introduction, the book also features “Liner Notes” by Emigre magazine editor/designer Rudy VanderLans.

“A real treat, this, a whole book of essays by one of the most distinctive and, at times, idiosyncratic writers to bring his sights to bear on visual communication. FitzGerald’s ambitious pieces were a highlight during Emigre’s middle and later years; I always wished he would publish more widely. Volume shows what graphic design writing can do when it stops fretting so much about the narrowly professional issues that keep it earth-bound and obvious, and allows itself elbow room to improvise and riff.”
— Rick Poynor

Marie Claire launches new Beauty Genius iPhone App

Marie Claire has recently launched its first ever iPhone app, Beauty Genius, as the brand new way to get all your must-have make-up tips and celebrity looks at the touch of a button – or should we say screen, for that matter.

The app has all the beauty know how you’ll ever need rolled into one, making sure you look stunning wherever you are or whatever you’re doing. And with over 60 minutes of exclusive bite-sized how-to videos showing you fail proof ways to perfect the latest catwalk beauty trends, there’s plenty to keep you looking fresh, fun and bang on-trend.

The handy make-up tips and hints will put a stop to your beauty woes – making perfecting that sultry pout or smoky eye a whole lot easier – after all, every woman needs a little extra help from time to time.

But if you fancy recreating your favourite celeb’s red carpet look then fear not – the Marie Claire beauty app also features an exclusive collection of famous faces with a step-by-step guide on how to achieve their most desirable looks for yourself, all thanks to renowned celebrity make-up stylist Jackie Tyson (whose worked with the likes of Sienna Miller, Katy Perry and Lily Allen, we’ll have you know).

So if you want the chance to enhance your skin, hair, eyes and lips this party season then this ultimate Beauty app is one you simply can’t live without – the interactive videos and useful make-up tricks of the trade are guaranteed to become your new best friend for getting the latest looks while you’re on the move.

My iPad app just hit the app store

I just released the Lifelike Alarm Clock and Weather HD entirely designed in Keynote using Mockapp (no photoshop or other tool whatsoever). I released it in collaboration with PostIndustria: amazing mobile dev firm out of Ukraine. Highly recommended if you need a mobile app built in no time at reasonable cost. Check it out in the app store and let me know what you think.

Lifelike Alarm Clock and Weather HD

If you like it, please do spread the word and don’t be shy about posting your reviews. More Lifelike apps are coming. All designed using Mockapp of course.

The iPhone version is coming soon (under review by Apple as I write). It was redesigned for the iPhone from the ground up… and guess what it was designed with.

What’s up with MockApp

I haven’t posted here or responded to emails for a while so I wanted to provide some clarifications and answers to your questions:

1) Where have you been? Since putting MockApp together in the fall of 2009, I’ve been too busy… using MockApp! I’ve used MockApp numerous times for client work but lately, I’ve decided to devote almost all my time to starting my own app development business (Lifelike Apps, Inc.) and creating/designing my own iPhone and iPad apps. . A handful of other apps are currently in development under Lifelike Apps as I type this. Never had this much fun. Very exciting stuff.

2) Why isn’t MockApp getting updated? I keep getting emails asking when MockApp will be updated to the 4.x iOS user interface, more icons, this or that missing view, etc. The short answer is: it probably won’t get updated any time soon. MockApp was my way to give back to the community and demonstrate how prototyping in Keynote or Powerpoint can make apps better. MockApp is not a business for me and I can’t justify putting more work into it.

3) I love MockApp but am having trouble doing x. Can you help me? You’re not going to like the answer but no. I really can’t. On the other hand, there are thousands of people using Mockapp so creating a user group where these kinds of questions could be answered may not be a bad idea… Any volunteers?

3) Will the current version of MockApp remain available? As long as the Google Adsense revenue from this site pays the hosting bill (which is barely does), that I don’t get a juicy offer for the domain :-) and that people find the current version of MockApp useful, I don’t have a problem keeping the lights on. Just don’t expect anybody to be home!

4) Can I legally use MockApp for my company, my conference, my school, my textbook, my lectures, my book, etc.? Go for it! Consider this post your legal authorization. You don’t need to email me. MockApp is my karmic gift to the development community. I don’t expect anything from it other than good karma.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Update Your Trade Show Design For The New Year With Best Displays & Graphics

The New Year is fast approaching and so is the next trade show season. Now is the time to consider updating your existing trade show design to give you an advantage over the competition in the coming year. Best Displays and Graphics can help give your trade show design a complete overhaul or update it to give you a fresh new look.

Best Displays and Graphics is the go-to trade show design company in Toronto to help get you ready for trade shows anywhere in North America. Their expert graphic designers and trade show design experts can help you with all your trade show design needs. If your typical display is a large 30 foot booth, they can help reconfigure or redesign your existing booth, giving you an updated look for the upcoming season. Maybe your company logo has changed or you have a new slogan; Best Displays will incorporate any changes you require into a fresh, new trade show design that will impress your existing customers and wow prospective customers. A bold new trade show design will give you a significant edge in a large venue, making your booth stand out from the rest.

If you are a new company or have a specific new product you want to showcase, Best Displays trade show design can create a unique and exciting new display that will spotlight your new venture, or new product. When you need maximum brand exposure, trade show design can help you make a bold statement that will get you noticed.

If this next trade show season is your first ever the experts at Best Displays can help you steer the course in uncharted waters. Their graphic designers have years of experience helping all types of businesses display their wares at all types of industry trade shows. Their trade show designs will provide the custom quality you need to create interactive displays that will get potential customers to pay attention to your message. Whether your business is built around one central product, or if there is a variety for customers to sample, the proper trade show design will ensure your products get maximum exposure in a setting that is tactile and attractive. Trade show design has never been more important in this era of intense competition. This unpredictable economy dictates how money is spent. Your products need effective trade show design in order to make them look as appealing as possible.

To find out more about Best Display’s trade show design options, please visit their web site at bestdisplays View the many services they provide and how they can help your company look its best for the upcoming trade show season. You can choose the trade show design you desire or have one of the experts at Best Displays share their knowledge to create a stunning display that will get your New Year off to a profitable start. When it comes to making a great first impression, Best Displays will get it right, every time.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Choose the Best Graphics Card

Some people choose which video card to buy by its brand. However, if you're looking to get the most performance for your money, that's not always the best way. If you want to get the best graphics card, you should first decide what your needs and budget are.

For example, you might be looking for a good gaming card with the best performance. Or, you might be specifically looking for a card with several DVI ports so you can connect multiple monitors to it. Perhaps you want a card that can accelerate MPEG4 videos, or perform PhysX calculations.

Budget is also important because you'll be looking at products from the two most popular GPU producers - nVidia and AMD - in the same price range.

Let's say you've decided what you need and how much money you'll be spending. Your next step should be researching the video card performance. The best way to do that is studying some AMD vs nVidia benchmark charts. Good sites for video card benchmarks are, and similar. Look at two cards from nVidia and AMD that have similar costs, and compare their performance in various video game and graphics benchmarks. Pick the one with the best price / performance ratio.

This way of choosing a video card is the best because you will be getting the most performance for your dollar.

Hiring a Graphic Design / Web Design Company for Your Social Media Strategy

Following up from the last post (Found Here), I wanted to touch on the first area that most people look when thinking to “hire” for Social Media.

A Graphic Design, or Web Design company

You’re looking to set-up something online, and you have already worked with a designer (this will be the short form for either Graphic Design or Web Design). They have produced your marketing materials:

  • Business Card
  • Brochure
  • Ad for the newspaper
  • Website

You’ve been happy with the work they’ve provided, and now that you’re thinking about using Social Media, why not look towards them again?

The Pro’s of looking / hiring a Designer you’ve already worked with:

  • They’ll already know your style – What colours you like, and how you want to present yourself
  • They already have the graphic files to build stuff – They can quickly and easily set-up a background on YouTube or Twitter, have an image up for your Facebook Page, and design a blog
  • Most importantly – If they’re a good designer, they’ll have some idea of who you are – and what you’re looking to accomplish with your business

Now (and this is from my point of view) the Con’s of hiring a designer:

  • Their full-time job is in learning and developing graphic design – they might not know the current trends / what could be coming down the line
  • Strategies and sustainability will not be at the top of their list
  • On-going support and information updates – Again, their job is to design, not knowing about Facebook’s new email system, or how to use Foursquare to increase value within your business

Often at Socialmark Media, we partner with designers when developing our clients strategies. Why? Because they’ll make sure everything we do looks good.

My recommendation to you is to speak with your designer about Social Media – and then start to educate yourself. You are already in a relationship with them, and that’s not a bad place to start something new. But be ready to look towards a marketing / specialty firm to get a strategy and support.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Graphic Design Principles Alignment

Whatever form the design is, we would be faced to choose the proper use of the alignment or layout. Alignment is very important in the design to build an aesthetically beautiful look and function effectively. Now we will explore some easy tips relating to use of
alignment in graphic design.

In general, the alignment is divided into four main formats, namely the center, left, right, and justify. Let me briefly describe one by one these text formats and about the function and placement of each in the design.


Center alignment is usually used to display the balance and focus on design that does not use a lot of content / items. For example you can see on google homepage, it uses the middle paragraph as the search field. This is because the appearance of the google search field using the minimal content so that the use of a lot of white space (empty space) will make visitors focus on the search field.

Alignment in Graphic Design

Center alignment will be a "weak" if it is used in design with content that is too full of writings, such as books and articles on web pages. The reason is, the absence of the boundary line which serves to make it look more orderly and organized. In addition, in this case the use of center alignment will make the text look messy and unfocused, so the reader will tend to experience confusion to catch any content presented on the text.

Alignment in Graphic Design


Left alignment is the standard use of paragraphs to the text page that uses a lot of content. That will create the element of regularity of the similarity distance between one word with another word. In addition, the views that have been left flat set will look more dynamic and easier to read. Align left suitable for use in the text block on web pages, books, magazines, etc..

Alignment in Graphic Design

Alignment in Graphic Design


Right Alignment (flush right) is used to attract the attention of the reader. Format like this will give a unique impression and attract more attention because of unusual appearance. Usually this will work well only if used for a minimal design content such as business cards, banners, etc..

Alignment in Graphic Design

But don't ever use this type of lay-out for a page dense with text. Since we all read from left to right. So it will be easier for readers to capture the contents of a text page that display regular left as left alignment.


Justify will make page views seem monotonous and not dynamic. In addition, the size of kerning in the paragraph does not fix, it will make little irregularity in the text that ultimately makes the page difficult to read.

Alignment in Graphic Design

Alignment in Graphic Design

Justify usually used for the layout with a text field that is not so wide like a newspaper page.

Graphic Design is Part of Human Expression

Today, designers are responsible for merging text, images and concepts in a variety of media, especially advertising, websites and publications. Many graphic artists to work as domestic helpers or apprentices, learning and work elements, such as creating direct mail designs for the creation of icons. Although much work on a wide range of companies, many work as freelancers and entrepreneurs. It is important to remain flexible, keep learning and expand the demand for good graphic designers are always on the rise, and by your skills fresh and keep up to date with everything that the employer can.

One of the most important skills a good professional graphic design, in addition to “good eye” for what is effective and visually appealing, human relations and good communication. Graphic designers often need in order to illustrate presentations for their clients, these presentations and in-depth knowledge of design, create, why certain items are selected, and why the design is effective. A good education at a school or university is strongly recommended that created and funded by the high school level. Career interest in graphic design can be specialization in high school and college or potential graphic designer can be guided by experienced deleted. Graphic Design students can earn credits for their education and knowledge valuable lessons.

can get training as a graphic designer a variety of schools and universities, many of them online. Associates and bachelors degree can be completed in a variety of areas such as digital multimedia, Web design, art and advertising within two years, allowed a quick start in the graphic design work will be purchased as an assistant. Go to training at the Academy four years to help you more marketable, and often, these schools can help you to find a job, or at least productive network environment. Another important piece of the puzzle is your career portfolio makes this collection of pieces of original work to see the best employers. Their chosen school can sometimes give direction in building an effective portfolio. We encourage you to continue your portfolio as you gain experience to add to maintain relevance.

Expect at least three years as a graphic designer covers the career ladder according to U.S. Central Bureau of Statistics, experienced designers, the positions as chief designer or art director or creative advance. And it will take a while before you spend a vacation: In May 2008, median earnings for graphic designers $ 42.400, but $ 35,000 for entry-level designers by the American Institute of Graphic Arts. You are on the ground floor, or just the graphic design of the school to work to the best cities as a graphic designer in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Even with the increased demand for good graphic design, competition remains intense, but with the right skills and preparation, it is worth investing in a career

Centennial’s Graphic design program guides to become a promising Graphic designer

Graphic designers are highly in demand with the rise in technologies like animation, designing, cartooning, visual effects and more. With its noteworthy success, the graphical sector has made a mark in the designing industry today. This has led to an increasing strong interest of Graphic Design Programs among youngsters throughout the world. With this, we observe a growing number of universities offering Graphic design diploma or degree courses worldwide. However, the important part is to opt for the right study course at a well recognized college or institution as only a sincere college or institution will make you capable enough through constant current updates of the market technologies and ideas of the graphic world. Centennial College, Toronto, is a well-known college of Canada which offers this program.

At Centennial’s School of Communication, Media and Design, an Ontario College Advanced Diploma is provided just in two years to all those applicants who pursue this Post-secondary program under Centennial’s dedicated faculty. Centennial has a unique combination of design skills and practical experiences to set their graduates to stand apart in the competition. This will make graduates more flexible and their design solutions will be more effective.

Toronto’s Graphic Design Diploma will spark up your abilities under the Integrate knowledge of visual graphics with creative communications strategies for print publications, packaging and illustration. Along with the development and implementation of solutions to problems encountered in all phases of the graphic design process, Centennial aims at enhancing your creativity in visual communications through the application of design theories and principles to develop effective design solutions. Here, Media experts will bring out the areas of applying typographic skills and knowledge to create effective visual communications and the usage a variety of technologies to create, capture, and manipulate design elements in producing a final product. Later on, there will be high focus to communicate effectively, credibly, and accurately with clients, supervisors, coworkers, and target audiences by using a variety of media. Even the chance of applying effective business practices and project management skills appropriate to his/ her position in the graphic design field is looked appropriately with the development of personal and professional strategies and plans to improve students’ career prospects.

Centennial has its own criteria of admission requirements for which the college expects applicants to present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) for diploma or certificate course at this college or equivalent, or be 19 years of age or older. Take note that possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to this program. Academically, a student should fulfill 12C or U or skill assessment or equivalent in English subject. Centennial also demands for non-academic and portfolio requirements to get admitted at this multidisciplinary program. Non- academically, applicants need to attain a program admission session where a portfolio work will be given to them, which will be considered along with the students’ English proficiency for their admission process. Furthermore, your portfolio presentation should consist 15 pieces of your original art and design that demonstrates your creativity of materials, media, techniques, and colors along with your innovative abilities and interest towards the work. Present the digital illustrations and image applications with short research paper on design philosophy and interesting graphic fields. Try to present mounted or framed work with numbered pieces in your portfolio.

Formally, Centennial College is recognized by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD Ontario), which represents more than 3,000 graphic designers, managers, educators and students across Ontario. Thus, Centennial College would be the right choice for acquiring in-depth graphical knowledge and innovative technical capabilities for a bright and stable future.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Art Of Graphics Design: Selecting The Best Graphics Design Company To Produce Your Business Promotional Tools

Oftentimes, it is hard to choose the best graphic design company to create your brochure design for your business marketing needs. Below, we will provide some tips so that you could recognize common pitfalls in selecting the best graphic design firm to make your business promotional materials.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will be on your way to a smooth-sailing and trouble-free quest for the best graphic design firm that you could trust to make your business marketing materials.

Print graphic design is a form of service art. Hence, no matter how elemental this discipline could get, graphic design is confined to certain purposeful conditions for it to become successful in representing realities through symbols.

Apart from the purposes of graphic designs mentioned above, there are other valuable functions they serve in modern society. For instance, graphic designs make one product distinguishable from the others. Another thing is they help improve the readability of written texts through carefully chosen fonts and selective images. And most importantly, graphic designs render information even without the need to speak a single word.

What Makes Graphics Design A Service Artform?

Furthermore, graphic design necessitates constant adherence to the message it must convey. Far from self-expression, every design has to be persuasive or, if not, at least enlightening to make it distinct from fine arts.

How To Make An Effective Graphics Design

Print graphic designs are integral to the development of various societies all over the world. Without it, there would be no newspapers, magazines, or books since typography is one of the earliest forms of graphic design. Furthermore, if graphic designs were wiped out of the world we would be obtaining information all through the spoken word.

Another reason that makes print graphic design a form of service art is that designers need to prioritize the spectators. Designers therefore have to take into consideration what the spectators reactions would be once they were exposed to the design.

In addition, designers should also include the spectators aesthetic needs in developing the design. This requirement is probably the reason why graphics design is viewed as an artpiece. Besides, how else such symbolic icons would convey message if not by means of the visual language?

For these reasons, designers are trained to be very familiar not only with the grammar of language but also with the right way of utilizing the elements of arts when shaping the materials for visual language.

Etch-a-Sketch iPhone case draws on nostalgia

The guys at Headcase have created a pretty cool iPhone case that will probably appeal to anyone who’s ever completed Kindergarten. Their officially licensed Etch-a-Sketch case is available for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4. The case is made of impact resistant ABS plastic that should protect your iPhone from drops and falls (if you still happen to hold it like a four year old).

Sadly though, the case is just a case and doesn’t turn your iPhone into a real Etch-a-Sketch. Thankfully, there’s an app that does.

The Etch-a-Sketch case is available for $24.99 and follows in the footsteps of Headcase’s Etch-a-Sketch case for iPad which was released back in September. This case is pretty fun for hipsters, but those high-powered business execs out there might want to think twice before you pull your iPhone out if it’s gonna be rocking this bad boy.

How Does A Graphic Design Agency Add Value To Your Online Business?

What scripts the success story of a website? Have you ever asked yourself about the constantly improving nature of online website designing and development scene that has gained much popularity of late? Every business needs a website – if one needs it for promotional purposes, the other just for selling its products and services. Whatever may the reason be, the website needs to be designed in such a manner that it appeals to the large chunk of people without letting them feel bored while clicked on it. Therefore, websites need the assistance of a professional graphic design agency these days. A professional design agency knows about the right amount of graphic works a site needs and implement it as per its requirements. Although anyone who knows how to play with graphic design tools may accomplish the graphic designing part, but mere designing is not sufficient. In today’s highly competitive online market, the sustenance of a website is also determined by the ranking of the site. Here comes the role of SEO and a professional designer only can take the requited moves as per the SEO requirements.

Use of graphics brings a feel of freshness and uniqueness to a website. Graphic design firms now excel at creating various graphic stuffs like logo designing, banner creation, intro and movie making, animation works etc. Graphic designing tools like Photoshop and Flash are on high demand today simply because of their ability to perform. With the latest versions of these designing programs are available, for a graphic design agency designing the best for you is no more an issue.

If you are new into the field of online business making, you can approach a website designing firm that offers graphic designing services also. Graphic designing agencies are many today, but to choose the most reliable one, you need to do extensive research. You can take the help of Internet to find the finest design agency for you. Never forget to ask for sample works before you commit to any particular firm. If possible, try meet the agency in person if it’s located nearby you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Church Graphic Design And What It Is All About

Church Graphic Design is one of the many ways you can give back to your community and help the church in their endeavors of providing a brighter future for the people in your neighborhood. You can contribute by helping the church provide services to the community at no cost to them.

A non profit marketing agency enables those who are giving to the community the chance to obtain the resources they need to keep their organization afloat. In order to continue work within the community they need resources such as money, food or clothing to give to the poor.

These commodities are often supplied to them by businesses and the public itself and in order for them to grow the community need to be aware of them and their cause. This is where church graphic design comes into play.

These designers contribute their talents and skills design everything from logos to websites and advertising campaigns in order to gain awareness of the organization or the church and to enlist public help and they do this without charging the church for their services.

There are many ways in which one can get involved in this type of project. Contacting your local church is one way to begin the process. They will inform you of their needs and how you will be able to assist them with graphic design work in order to contribute to them and the community.

Another way to get involved is to find an organization that specializes in this type of non profit work and enquire as to the procedures that must be followed in order to work for the organization. Using this forum, you will be able to get involved in many more projects.

You are also able to help the church in other ways including holding work shops or courses where the community can learn graphic design skills in order to further their education and gain employment.

Finding ways of using your skills to benefit the community is a great way to gain a sense of reward from your effort in both your work and personal life. This will not only benefit you but also provide more opportunities and relief to the community in which you live. Graphic design can be used to benefit the church and the community in many different ways and all it takes is some of your time.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is a visual communication, an art, a profession, and a process of bonding text, images, signs, symbols, photography, colors and diagrams to communicate an effective language with the observer. It is an architecture where visual sequence is arranged in shape and structure, as a result graphic design eloquently guides more than a text statement. It is a combined force of writer’s words and designer’s design to enhances and integrate an effective communication.

Graphic Design arranges information visually, utilizing typography and illustrations in such a way, that it successfully projects the concept to visual appearance. Graphical elements facilitate expression of thought to visualization, and snatches attention of the watcher pleasing and mesmerizing their eyes.

Today, Graphic design is practiced in various fields of media, distributing its effective message through logos, graphics, signs, brochures, posters, and other type of visual elements. Main industries encompass this creative work of art in media, such as: websites, print, advertisement, publication, digital media, motion pictures, animation, product design, packaging, information signs, etc.

With a purpose of lucidity and efficient message conveying to the viewer, graphic design can be powerful, purposeful or sometimes just a distinctive artistic presentation. It can be just an imaginary drawing or a realistic creative revelation.

The use of graphic design is to make it easy for the viewer, as an enhancement for textual description, and is an effort to assist readers in their understanding of any particular concept more clearly and compelling through visuals and designs.

Progression of graphic design has been closely bound to technical novelty. Designing skill has been practiced in diverse forms adjacent with human evolution, with reference to ancient manuscripts found in China, Egypt, India and Greece. It starts really bounding from 15th century with the development and growth of printing and publication, to 19th century’s industrially revolution in west.

After the arrival of desktop publishing in 1980, and launching of the software like Abode Illustrator, and PageMaker; designer generation was metamorphosed and the designers world rapidly ramped up towards computer imaging from illustration to 3d image generation; which was manually unattainable and thought to be impossible before. Computers at present time are considered to be a crucial instrument used by graphic designers and photographers as well as fine artists.

Apple Macintosh computers are very popular in graphic design, though new developments in hardware and software on other platform, i.e., Microsoft; theses days both system are widely accepted. Common graphic design software applications include Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Flash, Fireworks, etc. From simple graphics to advance 3d graphics, these days graphic designing overshadows visual images seen everywhere else.

Regarding graphic utilization on websites, the uses of graphics have become convenient and feasible since about 1990, as the Internet speed increased dramatically and Web browsers being capable of viewing large images. Graphics used by websites are logos, banners, advertisements, navigation buttons, etc. in gif format and in addition modern browsers today supports jpg, and swf formats as well. This makes websites fabricate and interface their web design much more attractive and outstanding, rather then plain text content.

At present, Graphic Design stands as a solo industry, sheltering millions of artist worldwide as professionals. Graphic design is the design of visual displays of information and data, expression and projection, painting and drawing. A visual communication molded with art and skill of arranging information in methodical approach, so that viewers with effective understanding of expressions can use it.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Top 40 Places to Get the Best Graphic Design Inspiration

People often ask me how I manage to find some of the best graphic design, web design and digital art inspirational artworks to showcase here on CreativeFan. Granted, there are some major websites that make it a bit easier, such as CGSociety, Artician and deviantART, but when I really am looking for something a bit more unique or that people might not have seen before, I often turn to niche galleries for different digital art mediums. Today, I’ve gathered up the top 40 places to get the best graphic design inspiration on the web, which I frequently use to stay inspired myself. The majority of these are pure graphic design oriented, however, some also cover typography, packaging, and motion graphics.


best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design

Computer Love

best graphic design

New Web Pick

best graphic design


best graphic design

Digital Abstracts

best graphic design

I Love Typography

best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design

Most Inspired

best graphic design


best graphic design

PDF Mags

best graphic design

Color Lovers

best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design

Design is Kinky

best graphic design

Graphic Exchange

best graphic design

Smashing Magazine

best graphic design

The Best Designs

best graphic design

The Inspiration Room

best graphic design

Ads of the World

best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design

Mepho Box

best graphic design


best graphic design

Portfolio Base

best graphic design


best graphic design

Elements of Design

best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design


best graphic design

Bak Magazine

best graphic design