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Thursday, April 28, 2011

20′s & 30′s Graphic Design in Japan

Today design trends ricochet around the globe instantaneously, thanks to the Internet. But a look at these posters, advertisements and magazine covers produced in Japan in the 1920s and 1930s show the integration of art movements from European cultures, including Constructivism, Surrealism and Cubism. The graphic works — which appeared in “Modernism on Paper: Japanese Graphic Design of the 1920s-30s” by Naomichi Kawabata – represent a period when communication design was emerging in Japan. The posters and ads from this period are sometimes referred to as “city art,” because merchants wanted to appeal to urban consumers by departing from traditional pictorial naturalism and embracing message-driven avant-garde visuals that implied that they were keeping pace with styles from the West. The aesthetics and composition communicated this awareness of the larger world and established many of the principles of early graphic design in Japan.

What Graphic Design Is About

Graphic designing is one of the key career industries in the world these days. There is no marketing campaign that can be made without the help of a graphic designer and no brand identity that can be designed without the artistic eye of the designer. Graphic design is a visual communication field and it isn’t just a profession these days but it is really considered to be an Art form. The way a graphic designer merges ideas, images and words to communicate to the viewer is simply extraordinary. There are various types of media that a graphic designer can use in order to carry information to the viewer.

This can be anything from product packaging to a poster design and letter head designs to even complete websites. These media are designed keeping in mind some key elements like color, texture, illustrations, type, photos and shapes. There are also some noble software that needs to be learned in order to become a graphic designer. Some of the most” value=raphics software like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator need to be learned. We are so used to graphic design that some of us don’t even realize just how empty our worlds would be without graphic design.

In business, graphic design is required in just about everything from business cards to company logos and from letterheads to corporate gifts. Everything has some form of graphic design and without those designs, those items wouldn’t be much of a boom. There are many everyday business items like brochures for sales, product packaging and all kinds of magazine ads that will also require graphic design. Greeting cards and book covers are also special items that are designed by graphic designers. Book layouts and covers are also among some of the most common uses of graphic design in our daily life. Graphic design is also necessary for a number of products like branded skateboards and a number of other sporting items. Even personal and corporate websites require graphic designs!

This includes all kinds of products too like skateboards, credit cards and even matchbooks! Branding is in fact a very popular example of graphic design and no company can do without it. Branding is the act of creating a brand image for any given company. Then this image is used in all the accompanying graphic designs and advertisements to convey that image to the target demographic%-articleimes it can be something simple like the addition of a shape or color to all designs but other times it can be more complicated and subtle.

Then of course there is web design which is a very first-class aspect of graphic design. Website presences are perhaps one of the most essential ways to reach the buyer and increase your clientele. If your website is good you will find that a lot of people are taking it seriously. Design and a sense of cleverness are first-class aspects of graphic design. But a designer needs to be a lot more than that to become good – they also need to understand public relations, marketing as well as how consumers behave.

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Graphic Design – Vital Elements of Designing Posters for Movies

Big budget movies carry a very big risk, especially for those who have invested in the making of those movies. Marketing of the movie plays a crucial role in the success of the movie. The promotion posters used to advertise the movie among the mass public are one of the most important elements in the whole marketing process. The poster is the first thing that creates some impression about the movie.

Some of the vital elements for designing movie posters are as follows:

Communicating Image
The Image or Images uses for movie poster design should be able to communicate to the public what the movie is all about. If the movie is about any plot, horror or history the poster should be able to effectively communicate it. It should be able immediately seek attention and interest of anyone who glances the poster. The poster should give a rough idea about what the movie is about.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The movie poster designers have been using this formula for designing many movie posters since many years. The first word ‘attention’ is primary and the movie poster should be able to grab the attention of the observers. Flashy graphics and provocative images are usually used for seeking attention but there are other ways too for achieving the milestone.

The second word ‘interest’ is equally important. The observer on looking at the poster should feel that the movie is interesting. The observer should be interested in knowing what the movie is about or what happens in it. One way of developing interest in the poster is through putting up such an image in the poster that raises a number of questions in the mind of the observer. The observer should feel that those questions can be answered only when the movie is seen.

The design of the poster should be such that it develops an intense desire to watch the movie. The poster should appeal equally to the fans and people who know about the actors, directors or producers from the poster.

The movie poster design should call on the observer to act, purchase the ticket and watch the movie. The poster observer should feel that if he/she does not act and watch the movie as early as possible, he/she may be the odd person in his/her group.

If the movie is about something different, the poster design should highlight that uniqueness. Consistency needs to be maintained between the poster design and the movie.

There are many sequel movies being made. These movies are based on the earlier movie. The poster should be designed in such a way that the observer comes to know from the first glance that it is a sequel and a continuation of earlier movie. The major part of the poster exhibits the name of the movie while the remaining part is occupied by the image that is common and prominent in that movie and the movie/s that preceded it in the sequel.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Essential connotation of Graphic Design

Graphic design was an important element to come up with a marketing copy. They are doing an impression of valuable design that your company will put on the market. And for you to get the trust of your customers Los Angeles graphic design can create an impressive design standard comment away.

Why choose a design?
More and more companies prefer to add a graphic for your hardware because it can be used both in print and web development. Mainly this tool you can use a picture of a perfect image for your hardware. Basically, with the Los Angeles graphic design, you can reach comfortably completed a project to design and criticism.

The use of graphic design, you must consider some of the key factors that can help simply to provide a more attractive material. You must first choose exactly the right color that matches your design. Second in a picture that a large contribution to impose a positive impression on your target audience. Third, it tries the graphic message that you can think of your audience. The most striking message more customers can relate.

Sequential come with the design for your hardware, you must undergo extensive research and planning are given. You can choose to make your choice by selecting the right processes and technology investment. You can choose to decide on the following:
• The design process – it refers only to the step-by-step process and is often a complex path solution developers in the treatment of design problems.
• Grid – mainly due to the rapid improvement of image and text work.
• Using technology – the technology was an important factor in all business areas efforts. Integration of new technologies to be very advantageous for the designer and user.

Easy Online Access
With innovations in technology, more companies are able to expand its online services. Their presence no longer necessary for you to leave the comfort of your home. The seamless online access provided, of course, you get in a position to what is best for you.

Basics To Understanding Your Graphic Design Needs

Graphic design can be done by anybody with a little Photoshop experience, but professionalizing your business image often requires a professional graphic design service. Graphic design is the creative process which involves creating a visual presentation of material. Great design companies should be able to take a simple thought and turn it in to something conveys all of the necessary messages without sacrificing professionalism. Whether you are looking for touching up an already created logo, or you want to create a comprehensive web layout, knowing the basics of graphic design allows you to speak designer language.

Graphic designers come in all shapes and sizes; some are SEO text geniuses where others are great at taking creative ideas and turning them in to intense graphics.


Typeface is the process of looking at the arrangement, font, and layout of your text. Typeface graphic design is important if you are creating a branded white paper download or any other context oriented designs. Designing the look of your typeface is laid out can really change the overall “feel” of your graphic design.

Page Arrangement
A layout is the arrangement of text on your web page or print material. The positioning of relevant images and content should be carefully planned if it is content that will be distributed to clients.

A good deal of graphic designers are learning the tricks of trade with graphic user interface design. GUI is the link between all aspects of your website’s design. They look at your web design, and determine how a user would browse it, the basic emotions it conveys and if anything can be improved in your current design.