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Friday, January 20, 2012

Optimizepress – Is It Any Good?

If you are thinking about trying out the Optimizepress WordPress theme, you will find this a very valuable post.
The creator James Dyson has really leveled the playing field with this new WordPress theme.
In this post we will look at what Optimizepress is exactly, why it was created followed by an exclusive Optimizepress discount bonus for trying it out through this website today. Lets take a little look at the creator James Dyson.
When you are building a website, customers will not stay on your page if you do not have a professional squeeze page that captures their attention.
Optimizepress if a software program that offers 10 different squeeze page templates so you will increase your opt-in rate quickly.
This means that this WordPress theme has been actually proven to improve conversions unlike many themes which just claim to do so.
Before Optimizepress, you would have had to pay about $2000 for a website that had this level of design. You can now get it for under $100 and you can make as many websites as you like!
For the first time a completely new Internet marketer can compete and look just as good as a pro Internet marketer.
Those are only a couple of the features that you will enjoy using when you invest in OptimizePress. As you use it, you will learn about many of the other great features that it offers.
For example, it allows you to integrate FaceBook comments with your webpages and videos. This integration brings more attention to your product and ultimately more money to you.
OptimizePress will earn you a very high return on your investment for the lifetime of your website. You will make a one-time payment for the software package and you will enjoy all of the benefits for as long as Internet marketing is around.
To see more on how to get a special bonus, see below now.

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