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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

browser like website the best Firefox And Google Chrome

Most community have strong thoughts about their internet browser. It used to be Internet Explorer loyalists versus Mozilla Firefox geeks, but a number of new browsers have muddied the water a bit. Browserlike allows people with strong opinions in this area to vote once and for all for the browser they like best. even though it only allows you to choose between Google Chrome and Firefox, this should settle a few arguments once and for all.
This website is a hobby site, but it is a well designed one. Vote for your favorite, and if you have a comment feel free to leave it.

Browserlike is a hobby website and we are still trying to figure out what the designers get out of the deal. No advertising or other money-making opportunities clutter the pages. There are links to Twitter and Facebook and you can opt to ‘Like’ the website, but it is indistinct who stands to profit or how. This could be the foundation of a beautiful business opportunity if the admin figures out how to capitalize on a pretty impressive amount of interchange.
You don’t need movies and videos to show how you feel about your browser, so why bother? Here is how we ranked this site in our favorite five categories:
creativeness: 3 stars. While the concept of an online ballot box is relevant and appropriate, the designers need to get on the ball and add a few more features.
simplicity of use: 5 stars. This may be the easiest site to navigate that we have ever reviewed, because everything you need is fit neatly on a single page. Kudos for avoiding the common trap of thinking that more pages is always a better choice.
Functionality: 5 stars. Facebook and Twitter both have strong presences here. If you care enough about your favorite browser to make this presence part of your own internet presence, here is your chance.
Content: 4 stars. We want to hear more about why the site exists and what the owners think about the browsers as well.
suitability: 5 stars. The old fashioned voting motif is cute and shows at a glance what the website is for.

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